Sparking the imagination of future generations

We believe that every teacher and every student deserve a creative environment without boundaries in order to spark the imagination of future generations.

Why Concero

We believe that every teacher and every student deserve a creative environment without boundaries in order to spark the imagination of future generations.

That’s why Concero was formed by James Morris and Bradley Clegg in 2008 but believing in something is not enough. Right from the start, we knew that we had to learn and you learn a lot more when you’re curious.

We challenge the status quo by investing in curious people and always asking why.

This enables us to build unbreakable relationships so that we can pass on our knowledge and understanding.

Curious about our curious team?

Our colleagues are anything but clones. They are all wonderfully unique individuals with many hidden depths and lots to offer on top of their exceptional knowledge of IT. Having said that, they all have a few things in common that make them stand out as Concero employees. Each person strives to do what they believe is right and they know that they will be supported in the same way that they will always support others. Once you get to know us better, you’ll realise we’re a curious bunch and our favourite question is WHY. We asked the attendees and exhibitors at BETT exactly that. “Why do you love working in education?”

Supporting us to support you

We could try to do everything ourselves but we’d spend less time concentrating on what we’re great at and we’d, therefore, be failing to support you in creating the best possible teaching and learning environments. That’s why are partners mean so much to us.

Primary Goal

When you see our latest apprentices, remember, we’re not developing these future tech wizards on our own. Primary Goal share our belief in the power of curious minds and their guidance helps us to make sure every apprentice reaches their full potential.

Primary Goal


When it comes to feeling safe and secure, there has to be trust. We trust Senso because we’ve seen exactly how they keep so many of your schools safe. We understand them, they understand us and we work together to make sure that your needs are always understood and provided for.


Tablet Academy

It’s a lot easier to spark the imaginations of future generations when you have the right technology in place and it’s even easier when you know how to get the most from that technology. Our friends and partners at Tablet Academy are always on hand to train your teachers, students and parents.

Tablet Academy

Hardware and software partners

We work closely with our hardware and software vendors to make sure the needs of your school are always fulfilled

Our serious side

We’re a fun, playful bunch but there are certain things we’re deadly serious about. Supporting you to support the next generation’s futures is at the top of that list. That’s why we’ve worked extremely hard to get the most important frameworks, programs and accreditations in the world of technology and project management. If you’d like to know more about what these mean, we’ll be happy to show you.

Ready to challenge the status quo?

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