Concero Awarded Crown Commercial Supplier Status

Tuesday, July 23 2019

Concero are delighted to announce that we have been awarded places on both the RM6103 Education Technology framework, as well as the G-Cloud 11 Cloud Computing platform. This makes us certified Crown Commercial Service Suppliers.

2 Framework Positions, 1 Incredible Status.


The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office under the UK Government, which is responsible for improving government commercial and procurement activity. The CCS develops frameworks, such as RM6103 and G-Cloud 11, in order to provide public sector organisations with access to a pool of reputable government-approved suppliers, for when they are looking to purchase a variety of goods and services. These frameworks operate at a national level, so to be awarded a position as a supplier on either platform means that the UK Government has given you their prestigious seal of approval.

So, what do these frameworks actually do?


The RM6103 Education Technology framework (formerly RM1050) provides all public sector educational organisations with a place where they can buy best-value ICT goods and services, from a small list of expert suppliers.

G-Cloud 11

The G-Cloud 11 platform offers UK public sector bodies with a secure space in which to purchase cloud computing services from reliable government-approved suppliers.

Concero: Crown Commercial Service Suppliers

To become certified Crown Commercial Service Suppliers on either of the frameworks, companies must first demonstrate that they:

  • Offer products and services which are excellent value for money
  • Have an extensive understanding of technology and its application to education
  • Are able to efficiently and effectively deliver both simple and complex projects to educational organisations.

These frameworks provide clarity and peace of mind to schools and other educational organisations, as the UK government removes the due diligence guesswork by allowing only the best suppliers to become part of such frameworks.


To be awarded a position on just one of these national frameworks is a huge achievement as it signals to educational organisations, most of which spend taxpayer money, that this supplier can provide great value for money solutions, as well as reliable expertise. So for Concero to be awarded two separate positions, on two separate CCS frameworks, which culminate to provide one very significant title of official Crown Commercial Service Suppliers, is a massive achievement and a big step forward for us (and our customers).

What Concero can do now

We are now able to offer Cloud hosting services to public sector customers through the G-Cloud 11 platform. We now also offer educational organisations the option to procure ICT hardware and audio visual equipment through us, via the RM6103 framework.

Get in touch

For more information on what this means for us and you, please get in touch by calling: 0333 111 0004, or emailing:

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