Connections at Concero aren’t all online

Tuesday, March 03 2020

For the first 90 days, I will be your contact. You can ask me anything, raise any concerns or just tell me how great you think we all are. I’m here to help you.

Building relationships

It’s possible that it all started when I was about 10 or 11. My love of motorsport that is. Well, at least my love of skateboards. By that I mean… finger skateboards! Don’t laugh, they were cool when I was a kid and they gave me a chance to spend more time with my Grandad. Now, don’t get me wrong, he didn’t love finger skateboards but he did love me and he was great at building things. When I was just 4, he made me a mini workbench, which I still own to this day and as buying the ramps and jumps for finger skateboards was so expensive, he made me those too. Just a year before he passed, he made me the coolest ramp anyone has ever seen. I love everything about that man.

Emotional connections

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this, what significance it has for Concero and I guess it doesn’t. Except… it’s the connection that I have with my Grandad that makes him so special to me and it’s the stories about him that I love to tell that make him special to everyone who reads or listens. We all tell each other stories every day, even if it’s just a story about the aggressive man who pushed us out of the way at the supermarket and those stories make us feel something. That feeling can be wildly positive, traumatically sad or something in between and when it comes to business, those stories can be the difference between keeping clients, losing clients and bringing on new ones.

Getting to know you

So, I admit, I’m taking a long route to make my point but I’m hoping it will help you understand why we have created the 90 day On-Boarding program. Let me explain the program first. You may already know a little bit about how we start our relationship with you, our new clients. We find out as much as we can about your vision, what you are trying to achieve and how technology is currently assisting you or hindering you as you try to get there. We then put everything in place to make sure technology is helping you to get where you want to be instead of getting in the way but we realised that if something ever does go wrong or if you need help because you’ve made a change, you might not know what to do.

90 Day On-Boarding program

This is where On-Boarding comes in. For the first 90 days, I will be your contact. You can ask me anything, raise any concerns or just tell me how great you think we all are. I’m here to help you. Within those 90 days, I will introduce you to a member of every department in person. You’ll get to see what they do and more importantly, why it matters to you. You can take their contact details so that if anything ever arises that they deal with, you are able to contact them directly. If you have any questions or any concerns, you will know who to call.


During those 90 days, I’ll make sure you understand how to raise a ticket for support and guide you to a place where the relationship between you and the team at Concero UK is easy to navigate and manage. This is all in place so that we can get to know each other and learn to trust each other. We aim to do the best work possible so that you have confidence in us going forward and this… is where the stories come back in…

Tell the world your story

You see, if these 90 days go well and the next 90 days that aren’t part of “On-Boarding” go well and so on and so on, we’re sure you’ll keep using us. Just as importantly, we’re sure it will be easier to achieve your vision. On top of all of this, every time you are talking to somebody about technology, our hope is that the experience you have had will make you want to tell positive stories, like the ones I love to tell about my Grandad. So, although this “On-Boarding” is all about you, I guess you could say it’s selfish really. 😊

Picture perfect moments

I genuinely love motorsport by the way and I also love taking photos, especially in Formula 1 circuits. My Grandad loved taking photos too. Maybe the next time we meet, I can tell you all about my first ever trip to Spa.

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