Form is temporary, class is permanent, Concero has class!

Wednesday, April 15 2020

Whichever path I choose, Concero UK will support me in the same way that they support their clients, with respect, understanding and willingness for me to succeed

A touch of class

I almost felt sorry for him as I put the ball through his legs, I turned in, then back out and flashed the ball across the box to “Jota” who of course, finished it with his usual panache! Playing football for Wolves and being one of the best players they have is so rewarding but of course it comes with its challenges. Sadly, I was never able to overcome the biggest challenge, lack of skill. That’s why I give myself the “Traore” nickname and leave the real work on the pitch to him. I’ll stick to 5-a-side with the lads.

Setting everything up

I do still get to set up some incredible goals though. In fact, I think what I do and the incredible team around me at Concero does is probably more important than what my heroes do at Wolverhampton Wonderers. We are always aiming in the same direction and we’re incredibly accurate when it comes to using technology to facilitate the best possible teaching and learning environments in schools and MATs (Multi Academy Trusts).

Working my way up

For me, it all started at the academy level. I had tried some other “sports” but I could never get away from my passion for ICT. When the opportunity to do a level 3 apprenticeship came around, I took it with both hands. I trained hard, worked hard and focussed on my development. The training wasn’t all practical but I definitely learned the most when I had to think on my feet. Working in different schools and learning about different networks enhanced my capabilities greatly.

On my way to being captain!

A few years in and I’m now seen as one of the experienced heads. As with football, I’m less of a Traore, flying down the wings and more of a Neves or a Moutinho, keeping the midfield solid, leading by example and communicating clearly. As an internal team leader, I look after a group of schools and making sure that everyone is aware of what’s going on is a key part of what I do. Communication is so important.

Always gaining knowledge

That doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped learning. I’m now studying for my level 4 apprenticeship and the curve is quite steep. It feels like I have a little more time on the ball though now. I can stop for a while to think things through, working out which way to pass and when. It doesn’t matter what the system is, I am prepared to do the work necessary to help the team. There is more variety in what I do now and the challenges are definitely harder but I love a challenge. I’m a puzzle solver and I’m good at solving puzzles related to ICT.

Knowing I have support

Once my level 4 apprenticeship is complete, my opportunities for progression are limitless. No matter which route I decide to take, I know one thing for certain. Whichever path I choose, Concero UK will support me in the same way that they support their clients, with respect, understanding and willingness for me to succeed. My decision will be based on a number of factors but one of the most important will be work / life balance.

What really matters

No matter what role I need to have time left over to watch my beloved Traore take on the world. Much, much more importantly, I also need time for somebody even more important than Wolves, my perfect daughter. This is what I do it all for. If I can be part of a company that helps schools to succeed in their mission, I will be part of a company that does everything it can to help my daughter succeed too. You never know, she might well be scoring a hattrick for Wolves herself in a few years’ time.

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