On the road to success with a Concero apprenticeship

Tuesday, February 04 2020

What an experience! It was a completely different way of learning. The focus was always on me and what I needed to improve.

An early lesson

“Put it into first gear and drive. Go on”. I’m not sure if that was exactly what he said to me but I do remember feeling a little scared and annoyed. How? This was my first ever lesson. I didn’t say anything, I used to be quiet and shy. I just tried to do what he said and failed. He laughed at me and told me how he passed his test after only 4 lessons. I believed this ego filled maniac at the time so it wasn’t long before I gave up. We were getting nowhere and my confidence was shot.

So many choices!

I was 17 and this was 1 of many life decisions hitting me thick and fast. My A levels were coming to an end. I had done well but I knew I didn’t really want to go to university. What would I do instead? I was interested in ICT and one of my friend’s brothers was already working at Concero UK. An opportunity had come along to work as an apprentice so I decided to apply. I wasn’t very confident but I somehow managed to get through the interview stage and thankfully, they decided to take me on.

Learning experience

What an experience! It was a completely different way of learning. The focus was always on me and what I needed to improve. I would spend 1 -2 weeks learning about a particular topic, sit an exam and then get to actually test my new found knowledge in real life situations. No, the pay wasn’t amazing but I was getting paid to learn. In just 9 months (I did it quicker than most), I had passed my level 3 exams and obtained a lot of Microsoft certificates on the way. I had learned so much, I could take it anywhere and I wasn’t in debt! Amazing.

There’s always a learning curve

I should probably make it clear that not everything was perfect. This was one of the first years that Concero had taken on an apprentice so their processes were still developing. As with everything, it was a learning curve and I love learning. So much so that I almost left to continue my qualifications at university. I had been accepted in Manchester Metropolitan to study computer science and it felt like the right thing to do. Little did I know, Concero had other ideas.

Taking it to the next level

They had teamed up with QA to offer level 4 apprenticeships and they were streamlining the way they worked. They wanted me to be part of their growth and they had a lot of respect for my dedication and hard work. Feeling like I was wanted and gaining a pay rise seemed like great reasons to stay. It was the right decision; my level 4 apprenticeship is going very well, I have been promoted from the support desk to a management role looking after the 1st and 2nd line teams and I’m now helping new team members as they follow the apprenticeship path.

Instilling confidence

My confidence has increased dramatically and you wouldn’t believe I was the shy, retiring person from that first driving lesson but confidence doesn’t mean you have to have a big ego. It can mean understanding your worth and helping others to understand theirs. That’s what I try to do with my team and gladly, it’s what my new driving teacher Rob does with me. I won’t give you the date but I’m very close to taking my test and Rob has given me so much confidence that I’ve gone ahead and bought a car!

Achieve your potential with a Concero apprenticeship

You see, he teaches me to work things out and develop my way. He helps me to gain knowledge but he doesn’t make it about him. His efforts are on helping me to gain confidence in my abilities and to understand what I can do to improve on them. Concero’s apprenticeships work in exactly the same way. They don’t have an ego and if things need to be changed, they are willing to change them. There is now a clear progression from level 3 to level 4 learning and if you decide you want to join us, you get to work with me! What more could you want? (Sorry, ego). Anyway, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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