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Tuesday, February 11 2020

That’s what makes our marketing and sales different to the “norm”. For Concero UK, marketing and sales are all part of the same thing. They are all part of listening, understanding and communicating with you.

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“I just sat for 10 minutes, not able to process it all. Wonderful!” That was just one reaction to the latest book. It’ll be my suggestion again soon so I’d better get thinking. What would these people be interested in? They know me now and I know them pretty well so we’re often on a similar page (no pun intended). I should explain. I’m part of something incredible. Every month, me and my friends gather to chat about the latest story that we’ve all read. There are no rules. We can read fiction, non-fiction, a thriller, a horror, an autobiography, it doesn’t matter. What really matters are the relationships we’re building. This community makes us strong.

I’m Hayley by the way

I should probably introduce myself. My name is Hayley. I’m the head of marketing and sales for Concero UK. It’s odd calling it sales actually because when I think about sales, I think about the way I was taught to sell, which is how many people think of it.

  • Pick up the phone as many times as you can in a day
  • Tell whoever picks up what you offer
  • Ask them if they want it
  • If not, ask why not
  • Tell them you can solve that
  • Ask if they want it… again
  • If not, ask why not… again
  • Repeat
  • Fail
  • Put the phone down
  • Occasionally succeed
  • Feel demoralised
  • Start again the next day

That, however, is not the way it works here and nor should it be. Real sales shouldn’t really involve “selling” at all. Real sales is about understanding and awareness. Let me explain…


From the very first moment we meet you, we are asking questions. Not as vague as “what’s the time in Japan right now?” or as jargonistic as “Do you think the Linux Slackware could still work with Windows 10, or even IOS?” We’re asking about you. What are your goals? What is the overall vision? What barriers are in the way? We then take the time to think about how we can help based on your budget and current set-up. We’re never looking to push the latest technology or the most expensive gadget, we’re only ever looking to facilitate the best possible teaching and learning environments for you, our clients.

What happens next?

So, once we have set up your new purpose driven technology solution, we keep on talking with you to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Of course, there is sometimes the odd glitch, which we fix and we work to the deal we have agreed to make sure that everything is maintained and working as it should. As time passes by, things evolve both in your environment and in the technology available so the question at that point is, how do we manage that change?


Firstly, we take notice. Just like in my book club, everything that we do with you is about building relationships. We want to get to know you, to understand you and to be aware when something happens that means you need to approach your technology from a different angle. We also keep a strong relationship with all of our suppliers so that once again, we are aware. That way, if something new comes out that matches exactly what you need, we can quickly let you know about it. This however is where our client relationships and my relationship with the book club differ. When we hear about new technology, we don’t just throw it out there and hope it will stick. It’s not a book that everyone can read and we can all assess at a later time, it’s the tool that will make sure your MAT (Multi Academy Trust) or school thrives. That’s why it has to be tailored to you. I can pick any book I like but we have to pick the right technology to suit your needs.


That’s what makes our marketing and sales different to the “norm”. For Concero UK, marketing and sales are all part of the same thing. They are all part of listening, understanding and communicating with you. We will never push anything on you, we will only ever make you aware of the technology we think is useful to you and explain why. If you think it makes sense, take it, if not, that’s OK, we’ll make the most of the technology you have right now.

Think about why

Maybe the next time you’re having a read, think about why you chose that book, magazine or paper. Did somebody recommend it to you? Did you trust their opinion? Were they right? We expect nothing but we are looking forward to getting to know you a lot better.

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