Technology, let’s keep it in sync

Tuesday, January 14 2020

It was early, we were both tired but Jenny had good reason. She’d had another tough day at school. Her students were amazing, as usual. Her colleagues were their normal, wonderful selves but as is often the case, nothing was done. She told me why…

Struggling from dawn till dusk

Rain. That was all that I could see outside, rain and dark clouds. It was miserable. We live in the UK, I’m used to it and I wouldn’t mind but I knew where I was going. I knew what was ahead. I jumped into my car and drove the back route to avoid the traffic. I probably shouldn’t have bothered. An extra day wouldn’t make up for all the time lost, never mind an extra few minutes.

So, so cold, but at least we had some light

I ran through the carpark to find shelter and warmth. The heating was “fixed” the day before but as I had feared, it was freezing again. Keeping my coat on, I entered my classroom and after a deep breath, I flicked the light switch. I couldn’t believe it, it actually worked! It would probably break again tomorrow but I guess we could always call our support team. We knew them really well. Too well. We had to call them in a lot.

Masking the pain

Masking tape. Really! Masking tape is what they used to cover the hole in the piping that I can fit my hand through! Another leak, another plumbing problem, what should we do? All of these botch jobs, kids that can’t concentrate, teachers that can’t teach, I don’t know why we bother. We are great teachers! They are great students but all of these problems stop us from creating the best teaching and learning environment we can!

Can you imagine?

OK, I’ll be honest, Jenny’s story isn’t real. I wasn’t even talking to Jenny but I wanted to illustrate a point. Can you imagine having to think about all of these problems every time you walk into your school? Every day, you have to call in the “fixers”. Every day, you are forced to take your eye off the ball. How can you possibly think about teaching when the basic provisions aren’t in place? It’s impossible! Luckily, this isn’t the case in most schools. We expect the electrics, the plumbing and other basic services to work and with good reason. They are all important but they sit in the background, supporting a school’s overall vision.

Sitting quietly

We wouldn’t accept those problems anywhere else so why do we accept them in technology? A good technology solution should just work. You turn on the various features, use them when appropriate and forget about them when they aren’t needed. Turning on a light isn’t a worry, turning on a computer or downloading a file shouldn’t be either.

Concero keeps you in sync

At Concero, we take the time to understand your goals and your needs as a school or a MAT (Multi Academy Trust). This gives us the opportunity to create solutions that you don’t have to think about on a daily basis. As you concentrate on helping your students achieve the best possible results, your technology does too.

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