Our Partners

We aren't just a standalone EdTech company, we partner with those who leading the way in technolgy and ICT services. As partners we can offer unique prices and offers on the products and services they offer.

Together we lead the change in EdTech

We know that two heads are better than one, thats why we partner up with the best cutting edge companies for EdTech who are working, like us to set a national gold standard in the IT industry for schools, representing high quality support and digital innovation. As partners we can get you the best deals and prices on these servcies.

  • The Tablet Academy

    Founders of Tablet Academy, Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke believe the ability to use technology is becoming as fundamental to a child's development as a child's ability to read and write. Whilst many teachers would agree with us, many are unable to embed the use of current technology into everyday learning. This is why our focus is to help schools identify and remove any barriers that slow the advancement in the use of technology in education. We believe by doing this we can improve the quality of learning for children around the world.

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  • Senso Cloud

    We’re here for those who refuse to settle on the ‘it’s OK’. Who never stop moving forwards and pushing requirements. Who continue to search for new ideas and better experiences in everything they do. Senso.cloud has reimagined the way our customers can take control and support their users, devices and systems. Giving you the flexibility to only have what  you need, with the flexibility to work for the smallest IT setups, whilst also scaling up to the very largest multi site setups. Welcome to a world that goes beyond the usual confines of local based systems. Welcome to Senso.cloud

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  • Primary Goal

    At Primary Goal, we understand the landscape of apprenticeships. This helps us to provide high quality information, advice and guidance to help our apprentices make informed decisions about the next steps in their careers. We offer a blended digital learning programme with face to face support in the workplace that ensures all apprentices can progress through their apprenticeship standard and develop as an individual. Our model engages with ed-tech industry specialists and the latest technology to deliver a programme of training that is innovative and forward thinking.

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  • Vivio

    Here at Vivio we understand the importance of keeping you connected. This means providing you with the business telecoms solutions and IT services you need in order to do what you do best, no matter where you are. We take the time to get to know your business and to understand any IT and telecoms challenges you may have. And because we get to know you so well, we’re able to provide you with tailored telecoms solutions and the latest in business IT services to make a real and demonstrable difference to you and your business.

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