A Concero development plan

Can help you prepare for the future

Preparing your school for the future

Wednesday, June 19 2019

Included within our ICT Support as standard a Concero development plan can help you prepare for the future. By saving money through having clear plans, set out year by year, tasks can be added and completed as work progresses and as new standards and technology are released.

The Concero Development Plan is one of the outstanding bundled features for our customers with our ICT Support Service. The Development plan can seem a little complex but our Pre Sales Technical Consultant has put together a quick FAQ on some of the advantages for schools by using a Development Plan.

What is the purpose of the development plan?

The purpose of the development plan is to give power back to the schools and allow them to see areas that need investment, whether that would be on software, infrastructure or hardware. Schools can now plan for the future and set money aside in a time where every penny counts. The 12 areas that the development plan covers are taken from Government standards. These have been carefully collect and collated from the DfE, EFA, OFSTED, UK Safer Internet Centre and the National Curriculum. We have done the hard work and collected everything in a one stop shop for all the needs of the school


How does it help schools plan, develop and grow?

By having clear plans, set out year by year, tasks can be added and completed as work progresses and as new standards and technology are released this can be taken into consideration.

How does this benefit pupils?

By having the right equipment in schools, pupils can vastly increase their knowledge and experience learning in a way not possible unless the correct kit is around. Giving children access to the correct technology in class, whether that be, iPads, laptops, VR or other tech combined with traditional teaching methods makes the learning experience more fun and more can be taught with less effort.

What is the cost of the development plan?

The cost of the Development plan is free for Concero Supported schools. This also gives access to Baseline, our in-house developed cloud portal for school management, such as, assets, contracts and general maintenance.

How can I get one?

If your school or MAT is interested in recovering one, please contact Concero on 0333 111 0004 or email support@concerouk.com

Is your school getting the most from its ICT budget? See how St Michaels CE Primary used a development plan to save

Keeping on top of your school’s technology budget and reviewing whether it is getting the best value for money, can be a full-time job. That’s why Concero offers schools a free, tailor-made ICT development plan. This helps identify areas where a school can save money, report on the health of the school’s ICT and help set out its curriculum and infrastructure goals for the future.

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Chris Wilkinson

Pre Sales Technical Consultant