ICT Support Comparison

We have designed our ICT support service to be as simple and easy to understand as possible. We have 4 tiers each of which you receive bundled services as standard adding to the outstanding value we offer.
Features Scheduled On-Demand Scheduled + On-Demand Fully Managed
Secure Service Desk
Customer Portal
Regular scheduled on-site technician visits
Emergency call outs
Virtual Service Manager
Annual Strategic ICT Development Plan
MAT Due Diligence Audit
E-Safety Training
Emergency Ofsted Support
Curriculum Software Advice and Guidance
Procurement and Finance
Disaster Recovery
User Device Advice and Guidance
Patch Management (additional software required)
On-Demand Telephone & Remote ICT Support
On-Demand Onsite ICT Support
Cloud service management for Office365 / Gsuite
Daily essential maintenance to monitor and quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network / security issues
Termly on-site meetings with Service Manager to ensure we are meeting your expectations
Network and Systems Health check
Concero teacher support APP (available in the Apple App Store)
Asset Management Software
Scheduled Classroom Audio Visual maintenance
Network Manager
Quality Assurance checks
Project Management
Change Management
Problem Management
Implementation Management

Transitioning from another supplier and network provider

We were approached by a large secondary school looking to move away from their current network infrastructure and support; this involved migrating infrstructyure, domain and cloud services but all within 2 weeks. We took the challenge up and made the impossible happpen, as we worked through the tasks it became apparent that our role in this project turned out to be much deeper.