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Confident in your data security compliance?

We put together members from our team with specialist skills to not only test your policies and procedures but show you how to improve and make sure you are fully compliant.

The importance of data security can be overlooked so easily in favour of easy processes. We do the hard work for you, we will assess your network and identify areas of concern, areas that need improvement and outstanding areas. In a nutshell we will come and give your data processes an Ofsted inspection. Don't worry about being left to sort it all out, we are with you each step and will translate the jargon in DFE guidelines and Ofsted Policies into easy to understand and simple steps. Data security is such an important part of our modern technology services that GDPR compliance is a requirement, we can work with you to perform a GDPR compliance audit to make sure you are on track and all bases of data privacy are covered.

How confident are you in your Trust’s data security compliance?

Successfully managing your multi-academy trust’s compliance with data security regulations is no mean feat. But to build robust data security policies and practices, you first need to ensure you have solid foundations in place. Unless you have the right infrastructure with the right specifications underpinning your systems and software, you could find yourself on shaky ground.

Policies, Procedures and Planning, sounds fun?

We are here to help bridge the gap between policies, requirements and best practices. We translate all that jargon into easy to understand training and testing. Our team can help you in any area of data compliance.

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Security Training

Training, Testing and Support

Ofsted & DFE Compliance

Planning to achieve full compliance

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Concero manages each project effciently and its quality assurance process means they work with us to get the right outcome.


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